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3 reasons litigators might need fact-finding help during a trial

Teamwork is key in litigation, and investigators are important members of the team

Litigation takes teamwork like no other area of legal practice. There are many ways to be a fine solo practitioner inside a company or at a firm, but when anything but the most mundane court appearance is required, you will inevitably have to rely on others—other lawyers, experts and, sometimes, investigators. 

During litigation, there is even less room than usual for error. Before you sue you can hesitate, negotiate, posture and ultimately decide not to sue today because you could always sue in a year. Once you’ve won judgment you have years to execute on it. But during the trial, you have a very limited amount of time to get the information you need to cross-examine a witness effectively.

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Philip Segal

Philip Segal is a New York attorney and the founder of Charles Griffin Intelligence, a New York firm specializing in fact investigation for lawyers. He...

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