8 notable GCs in the news

Tracking some of the most-significant quotes from general counsel in the mainstream media


"This settlement is another reminder that only paying customers enjoy full access to Dow Jones' highly valuable journalism, and anyone who free rides on our content will face serious financial repercussions."


"This year, we've decided not to renew with ALEC, and it's because of positions they've taken not related to our business."


"I was astonished and frustrated. This effectively said Mark [Hurd] need not come to work for a year-and-a-half."


“It’s quite literally a new gold rush.”


“You’re going to end up having choice control from a server farm in Washington state.”


"I think you've seen a lot of patent cases filed lately, and most of them have not resulted in successful outcomes for plaintiffs. That may send a message to those who might want to do these things in the future."


“With strong capital, business losses are borne by the firm’s shareholders, and not by depositors, customers or taxpayers, and the large and absolute dollar terms need not threaten the safety and soundness of the firm.”


"There are [also] people who leak because the process of being courted by a reporter is so flattering. It so increases peoples' sense of self-importance that they will want to talk."

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