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Law school applicants value school rankings over job placement rates

Kaplan Test Prep study finds that 38% of pre-law students eventually want to work in Big Law; top 25 Big Law feeder schools ranked

Given that fresh-faced law school grads are facing the worst job market in 18 years, you might think pre-law students would be dissuaded from stepping into the breach. Apparently not.

Kaplan Test Prep released its 2012 survey on Tuesday on how prospective law students are selecting their law schools, and found that the paucity of jobs has not really influenced those decisions. In the two years since the previous study, Kaplan found that pre-law students continue to place a much higher value on where a law school stands in the rankings than on how many of its graduates land legal jobs. 

The American Bar Association recently noted that the only about 8 percent of 2011 law school grads were picked up by law firms with more than 250 attorneys. Following up on those figures, the Wall Street Journal yesterday ranked the top 25 law schools based on the percentage of 2011 grads who landed long-term positions at firms with more than 250 attorneys.

The top 25 schools in order of percentage of graduates who landed Big Law roles are:

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