Technology: The promises and perils of the cloud

Things to consider before making the big move to cloud computing

While cloud-based services can provide flexible, cost-effective technology solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented, moving into the cloud comes with significant risks, including the loss of control over sensitive data and critical information systems. Before jumping into the cloud, it is important to understand some of the most significant risks, along with ways companies can mitigate and manage them.


Availability and performance

In moving to a cloud solution, a company may virtually hand over control of its critical IT functions to the provider. As a result, the provider is responsible for keeping the cloud solution up and running, and the availability of the solution is largely outside of the customer’s control. Except in unusual circumstances, agreements should include an availability commitment by the provider describing when the cloud service will be available for use.

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James M. Kunick is Chair of the Intellectual Property & Technology group at Chicago-based law firm Much Shelist. He has nearly two decades of experience...

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