International e-discovery: Privacy and data protection across the globe

A guide to data protection laws in 5 regions

Modern business practices, driven by an increasing number of multinational companies, are colliding with the complexity of litigation, investigations, regulation, arbitration and compliance in the digital age. More and more, companies with global operations—and the lawyers that represent them—are finding themselves enmeshed in legal matters around the world. Developing an ironclad international legal skill set begins by building a greater understanding of e-discovery, privacy and data protection laws across the globe.

United States

Geared toward creating a “stronger and more coherent data protection framework,” the European Commission unveiled a new Draft Directive and Regulation on Data Protection on Jan. 25. Set to take effect in 2014, the new data protection regime bolsters the rights of data subjects, imposes heightened obligations on organizations and strengthens enforcement measures. This rubric, combined with many civil law systems, provides for minimal discovery of ESI in EU litigation.


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Wayne Wong is a managing consultant in the Kroll Ontrack ESI Consulting group. In this role, Wong ensures litigation preparedness for clients through the creation...

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