ConAgra GC mixes together the right ingredients to make a successful career

Colleen Batcheler discusses the rewards and challenges of working in-house at one of the top U.S. packaged foods companies

Ever since Colleen Batcheler can remember, she wanted to be a lawyer. She’s not sure why—there were no lawyers in her family and she doesn’t particularly remember encountering any as a child. But, she says, it was something she got into her head early on while she was growing up in Rochester, N.Y., and she never wavered.

When it came time to go to college, her goal to be a lawyer was first priority. So when her parents offered her a free ride to any State University of New York (SUNY) school, she chose SUNY Fredonia and majored in political science and economics—setting herself up for a life in law.

Q: What interested you about in-house practice vs. law firm work?

A: It really was the balance issue. It’s just as hard in-house and just as meaningful. It’s tough, but a bit more predictable.


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