Bridging the technological gap

Education is key in bringing senior lawyers up to speed with new technology and encouraging young lawyers to use it responsibly

An inevitable generational shift in workplaces everywhere has already begun. The much-talked-about passing of the torch from the retiring baby boomer generation (people born from about 1946 to 1964) to the Generation Xers (1965 to 1979) and Generation Y or Millennials (1980 to 2000) is evident in most every legal department.

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest working population in the nation and are on the verge of becoming the most populous age group in offices. Generation X isn’t as large a population nationwide as either Millennials or boomers and will never dominate the workplace like the boomers have and the Millennials will.

Discovering Differences

One of the biggest differences between Millennial lawyers and older ones is how Millennials tend to blur the lines between their work and professional lives. This is due in large part to their “herd” mentality because Millennials frequently coalesce into large groups that typically are in constant contact. This mentality plays into younger attorneys’ tendency to engage with one another via social media. Additionally, the ability to now access social media and other people from virtually any device contributes to rapidly blurring the boundaries that used to exist between work life and personal life.

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