Safeway GC apologizes for offensive joke

Robert Gordon’s joke not only offended women, it wasn’t even funny

It’s hard to know who would be more offended: women or anyone with an ounce of a sense of humor. But regardless, Safeway’s GC Robert Gordon has apparently apologized for the certifiably terrible joke (and by terrible, I mean not funny … even if offensive jokes were your cup of tea) he told when he opened the company’s annual shareholders meeting on May 15.

Here’s the abridged version: President Obama was carrying two pigs under his arms, and a Secret Service agent complimented him on the pigs, to which Obama explained they were special pigs. He said he got one for Hillary Clinton and one for Nancy Pelosi, to which the agent responded, “Excellent trade, sir.”

As mentioned above, the joke is clearly offensive. (And did I mention it’s not funny? And most of us can admit that we’ve chuckled at some not-so-PC jokes.) But Safeway CEO Steven Burd was especially put off, and he sent a personal letter of apology to Clinton and Pelosi. “I simply wanted express to you how sorry I am for what occurred. The joke was inappropriate and I deeply regret that this has obscured the respect we hold for you and for your service to our nation,” he said in the note.

Although InsideCounsel couldn’t locate a copy of Gordon’s own letter of apology to Clinton and Pelosi, several news outlets have reported he sent it and Burd mentions it in his note as well.



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