Don’t draw male genitalia during depositions at Dunkin Donuts

One attorney’s inappropriate behavior disqualified his entire firm from a class action case

It’s good to stay in touch with your inner child, but a Florida attorney is perhaps too well-acquainted with his inner 13-year-old boy, letting him run rampant to the point where his entire firm was thrown off a class-action case.

Richard Cellar, of Morgan & Morgan, frustrated his opposing counsel with continued “deplorable behavior.” He chose Dunkin Donuts as the site for the depositions, which, while delicious, is not exactly the most private of spaces. Then he couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention during the depositions at the site of his choosing, instead playing Angry Birds and bragging about his score, and drawing pictures of penises, showing them to his partner and saying they described the opposing counsel.

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