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It’s (still) good to be inside

Inside counsel are now at the epicenter of stimulating legal work

A corporate career or private practice? During my 18 years in the search business, this choice always seemed clear to me. Part of that is personal: I became a happy professional only after leaving “Big Law.” Mainly, though, my bias comes from literally thousands of conversations with attorneys. An overwhelming percentage of you want to get in-house or stay there.

Walking into last month’s 12th annual InsideCounsel SuperConference, however, I found myself wondering about whether the proverbial grass is truly greener. The “lifestyle” difference, always code for sheer number of working hours, has evaporated for 80 percent of in-house counsel. That percentage is an accurate, educated guess, by the way. It’s almost impossible now for inside counsel to avoid long days and a 24/7 availability mindset.


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