6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

The following lawsuits exemplify the lighter, and sometimes bizarre, side of the legal world.

Faux Fruit

First we learned that SunChips might not be all natural. Next came the shocking revelation that Nutella is not a health food. Now a California woman is suing General Mills Inc., alleging that its Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot snacks are not made with real fruit.

Onerous Omission

Climate Controversy

Racy Reporter

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Beyoncé’s Blunder

Singer Beyoncé Knowles has been hit with a multimillion dollar lawsuit, and this time she can’t blame Sasha Fierce. Video game developer Gate Five alleges that the star inked a $20 million deal to appear in a game entitled “Starpower: Beyoncé,” only to walk away three days before Gate Five was to obtain financing. The company, which reportedly fired 70 employees as a result of the broken contract, wants $100 million in compensation.

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Copyright Clash

You may not recognize Victor Willis’s name, but if you’ve ever danced along to “Y.M.C.A.” you owe him a debt of gratitude. As the cop from the 1970s band the Village People, Willis co-wrote the disco anthem, along with several of the band’s other hits, including “In the Navy” and “Go West.”

Alanna Byrne

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