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Law school debt estimates exceed $200,000 for class of 2015

Non-profit group reports corrections after underestimating figures

Last week, Law School Transparency, a non-profit group that provides law education information to prospective law students, released data estimating that students in the class of 2015 will rack up an average of $195,265 in law school debt.

Now, the group says its estimate was about $15,000 too low.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Law School Transparency has recalculated its law school debt estimates after correcting data for schools that underreported cost-of-living expenses and the group’s own errors in analyzing data from U.S. News & World Report.

Law School Transparency now estimates that the class of 2015 will owe an average of $210,796. As for the class of 2016, the group estimates that students will accrue an average of $216,406 in debt, an increase from its estimate of $200,595 last week.

In a comment responding to criticism of Law School Transparency’s error, executive editor Kyle McEntee apologized for the oversight, saying the group was “deeply embarrassed.”

See Law School Transparency’s revised data here.

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