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Chevron seeks records of alleged bribes in Ecuadorian oil pollution suit

Company claims the country paid off an independent expert

Chevron Corp. is facing litigation in Brazil over environmental damages, but the company really does not want to own up to wrongdoing in Ecuador. A court ordered the company to pay $9 billion for oil pollution in Ecuador in February 2011, an amount that was raised to $18 billion when Chevron failed to publicly apologize. Then, Chevron’s GC was quoted as saying: "Throughout the course of this litigation, judges corruptly operating in concert with the plaintiffs' lawyers have created, rather than corrected, injustice."

Now, convinced of foul play on the part of the plaintiffs, the oil giant is seeking to force an Ecuadorian bank to release records of bribes that Ecuador allegedly paid to a court-appointed independent expert in the case.

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