6 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

The following lawsuits exemplify the lighter, and sometimes bizarre, side of the legal world.

Foul Food

Forget “pink slime,” and start worrying about green chicken. A former Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) employee is suing the fast food chain, claiming that he was fired when he argued with his manager about serving rotten chicken to customers.

Hallowed Haircut

That’s one expensive haircut. A North Carolina Taco Bell operator will pay $27,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit filed because of a haircut.

Transplant Treachery

A typical job description doesn’t include donating a kidney to your boss. But that’s exactly what Long Island woman Debbie Stevens did, and she says she was fired for her trouble.

Sinister Sweets

Medical Mishap

A South Dakota man is suing the hospital where he was born, claiming that doctors there convinced his mother to have him circumcised under false pretenses. Dean Cochrun, now 28 years old, says he only recently realized that he had undergone the procedure, and alleges that hospital doctors falsely told his mother that circumcision was medically necessary.

Swallowed Screwdriver

Here’s one more reason to avoid the dentist’s office: A Lexington, Ky. woman says that her dentist dropped a small screwdriver down her throat while cleaning her dental implants.

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