9 notable GCs in the news

Tracking some of the most-significant quotes from general counsel in the mainstream media


"While we are asserting patent claims of our own, we do so in response to Yahoo's short-sighted decision to attack one of its partners and prioritize litigation over innovation."


"I do not recall when I saw these emails, but I understood that the finance team was looking for an adjustment and support to eliminate the deficit."


“By leveraging the online identity information all registered sex offenders are required to provide, we are able to help reduce potentially harmful situations.”


“We felt strongly that these products met all legal and regulatory criteria for listing, and that the public would benefit from having these products traded on a well-regulated exchange.”

"What we've discovered is, in a drug deal gone bad, people die, and this is the defense. Our conclusion is that this law ought to be repealed. We don't think it's a thing we can tweak."

--Buddy Jacobs, GC of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association


"We are an agency with limited resources already, and this is something that, if it stands, would make it even more challenging for us to address and vindicate discriminatory violations in the 8th Circuit."


“I don’t see us doing a first strike. But just having [a large patent portfolio] creates a certain deterrence. If I have more patents that I can bring to the table, at least we can talk.”


“Mr. Verrilli is an extraordinarily talented advocate who possesses a sharp mind, keen judgment and unquestionable integrity.”


"We continue working towards a resolution of the Non-Participating Manufacturer Adjustment dispute for 2009 and prior years and look forward to doing so, either by settlement or through the arbitration process laid out in the Master Settlement Agreement.”

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