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3 pieces of advice for in-house Millennials

Guidance for the Facebook generation in the corporate legal world

This column was inspired by two seemingly unrelated events. First, my editor relayed a comment from one of our Millennial readers (more on that later). Second, I read a great feature in Fortune magazine on the corporate culture at Facebook, which can be summarized by the phrase “code wins.” As in: producing great work is all that matters.

Facebook proactively takes steps to discourage hierarchy. Many Millennials who work at Facebook consider founder Mark Zuckerberg to be nothing less than an anti-establishment hero, but the author of the Fortune article wonders if Zuckerberg’s culture is sustainable as Facebook grows and starts trading as a public company.

So, for all the Millennials who do not work as engineers at Facebook, here are some pointers for dealing with the realities of corporate politics.

1. This one may sting a little: don’t be so darn sensitive all the time. I think you are fabulous and that you will change our world for the better. But your greatest weakness as a generation seems to be thin skin. Accept criticism, even if you don’t agree with it, and get over it. Understand that not everyone will be happy with you all of the time. The boss referenced earlier in this column was probably momentarily annoyed by something the reader did and has already forgotten about it. That’s O.K.


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