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California women reach settlement in falling elevator case

Elevator fell 11 stories before trapping the women inside

When you think of Southern California thrill rides, Disneyland comes to mind. But a mother and daughter had a real-life “Tower of Terror” experience in an Orange County office building when the elevator in which they were riding reportedly fell 11 stories and trapped them inside. More than two years after the incident, the women have reached an undisclosed settlement with building owner The Irvine Co. and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp.

According to the original suit filed in June 2011 by Janet and Sufeir Hsu, “All of a sudden, the elevator started to fall. As the elevator rapidly descended, we fell hard on the floor inside the elevator, and the light fixtures like the metal brackets and glass from the ceiling started falling down, too.”

Alanna Byrne

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