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An inspiring example of proactive pipeline development comes from the legal department at Prudential Financial, where general counsel Susan Blount and her senior colleagues are leading initiatives to identify and nurture legal talent inside and outside the company.

Internally, the focus is on carefully evaluating each lawyer on the in-house team to determine ways to help each develop and advance her or his career. The department conducts a tailored consideration of each individual and which next move makes the most sense. Is it a lateral move that may not appear to be a step up but in fact will be a distinct career enhancer with strong skills and profile boosting potential? How about a geographic relocation—or a deliberate step out of a comfort zone? Whatever the move, the assumption of risk taking is part of the deal—something I cannot underscore enough. To move ahead, you have to be courageous.

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Anastasia Kelly

Anastasia Kelly, currently a partner at DLA Piper, has served as general counsel at four Fortune 500 companies: Fannie Mae, Sears, MCI and AIG.

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