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Court denies AstraZeneca’s bid to block generic Seroquel

Company failed to show it was entitled to “extraordinary remedy” of an injunction

On Friday, a district court denied biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s request for a preliminary injunction that would delay generic versions of its anti-psychotic drug Seroquel from entering the market.

London-based AstraZeneca’s patent for Seroquel expires today, March 26, and generics of the instant-release form are due to hit the U.S. market today as well. AstraZeneca filed an injunction earlier in March that sought to keep the Food and Drug Administration from granting final approval of Seroquel’s generics until December.

The court ruled that AstraZeneca was unable to prove that it would prevail in a lawsuit to extend its exclusive right to produce the drug or that it would actually sustain the economic harm it claimed the generics would bring the company.

"Because the court finds that AstraZeneca has failed to make a clear showing that it is entitled to the extraordinary remedy of a preliminary injunction, its application shall be denied," the court wrote.

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