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Inside Experts: Knowing what personal goals to set

Passion and self-awareness are key to setting achievable goals

This article is the second in a series on personal development.

In Part One I talked about the importance of creating good personal goals to enhance your personal development while raising your level of excellence.

Feedback is critical in achieving self-awareness. Without it you will likely draw the wrong conclusions about the impact of your behavior on others and your work product. Many of us don’t think about routinely getting feedback and sometimes we aren’t open to hearing it. However, getting good feedback is crucial in helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You need that understanding in order to set good personal goals.

Feedback may be obtained informally by simply asking a colleague, peer or business client to let you know how you are performing. Several years back I instituted a program to formalize feedback for attorneys and other legal professionals. Each individual identified three or four key business clients he supported and set up reoccurring one-on-one meetings geared toward obtaining direct feedback. The results were surprising. Individuals reported learning significant and often unexpected information from their business clients and they, in turn, used this information to enhance their own performance.

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