6 notable GCs in the news

Tracking some of the most-significant quotes from general counsel in the mainstream media


Patent Problems

Sports Scandal

“We have given your requests careful consideration, and have concluded that there is no basis for delaying the imposition of any discipline in this matter, and particularly not as it may apply to a club or any non-player employee of a club.”

Penalizing Prostitution

Taboo Tracking

“Guidance which consists of ’two days might be good, 30 days is too long’ is not very helpful.”

Merger Mayhem

“It doesn't seem like the FTC understands where the field is going and the pressures it has to be more efficient, to be leaner.”

Redistricting Row

“In this case, the racial gerrymandering, this is probably the worst in 50 years.”

Alanna Byrne

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