8 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines

The following lawsuits exemplify the lighter, and sometimes bizarre, side of the legal world.


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Kardashian Kerfuffle

The Kardashians are back in court, this time over allegations that the diet system QuickTrim, which they endorse, is not effective. New York firm Burson & Fisher filed the $5 million lawsuit on behalf of four clients who claim that the sisters and QuickTrim’s owners exaggerated the formula’s effectiveness. The Kardashians have appeared in QuickTrim advertising, and have frequently tweeted about the product. According to the lawsuit, however, “QuickTrim’s main ingredient is a large dose of caffeine, which the FDA has determined is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control.”

Sickening Soy

Can a sloppy joe constitute cruel and unusual punishment?  A judge will have to decide now that four Illinois inmates are continuing their lawsuit against the state, claiming that high amounts of soy in their diets caused them “irreparable, actual harm” and violated the Eighth Amendment. The men say they ate up to 100 grams of soy a day, though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends only 25 grams. As a result, the men allegedly suffered maladies ranging from thyroid damage to heart problems. Some prisons use soy-enhanced products to cut costs and boost nutrition.

Battling Bieber

Bad Burrito

Free Willy

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