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Labor: 9 tips for conducting exit interviews

How to get the most out of your final discussion with a departing employee

Exit interviews are useful regardless of the reason for an employee’s departure from an employer. Since exit interviews are generally the last opportunity the employer has to speak with the employee, it serves as a great mechanism to discuss the reasons for the employee’s departure, as well as an opportunity to reinforce any expectations that the company may have regarding post-employment conduct of the employee.

At its most basic level, an employer should take all necessary measures to ensure that the exit interview is conducted in a fair manner and with the goal of obtaining as much information as possible about the employee’s reasons for leaving. For example, the individual conducting the exit interview should maintain his or her objectivity and avoid any heated arguments over the circumstances of the employee’s departure. If the employer thinks that the employee may become violent, it would be prudent to have security readily accessible or present.


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