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A note from Stasia: Right here, right now

How the glass ceiling has evolved since the 1970s

In the early 1970s, when women started making their first significant move into law school and into law firms, we had no illusions about the nature of the glass ceiling. It was there, it was immovable—and we knew that we simply did not have the numbers to break through. 

It’s a completely different story today. In law school, in firms and in companies, women lawyers form a critical mass that has change and evolution written all over it. Right here, right now, the tipping point has arrived. Like a bolt shot powerfully upwards, it is already through the glass ceiling, its arrowhead intractably anchored on the ceiling’s topside.  Under the ceiling, an unprecedented pool of women is gathered, ready to climb to their rightful place above the ceiling—but still they hold back.

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Anastasia Kelly

Anastasia Kelly, currently a partner at DLA Piper, has served as general counsel at four Fortune 500 companies: Fannie Mae, Sears, MCI and AIG.

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