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Regulatory: Pros and cons of using arbitration for dispute resolution

There are many factors to consider when crafting a contract

Over the years there has been a movement to use arbitration as the preferred method of dispute resolution in contracts. Due to crowded courts, judges inexperienced in the relevant subject matter, lengthy trials and excessive jury awards, many lawyers assume arbitration is the preferred method of dispute resolution. Before automatically including an arbitration clause in a contract, however, it is advisable to evaluate whether arbitration is the really the best method of dispute resolution. This post provides an overview of some of the more noteworthy advantages and disadvantages of requiring arbitration to resolve disputes arising under an agreement.

Arbitration Advantages

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Michael T. Griffin

Michael T. Griffin is a partner in the Insurance and Reinsurance Department of Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP. He bases his practice in the firm's office...

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Julie Mahaney

Julie L. Mahaney is an associate in the Insurance and Reinsurance Department in the Hartford, Conn. office of Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP.  She focuses her...

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