Compliance program naming creates confusion

Data protection, RIM, information governance—so many names…

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” These lines from Cool Hand Luke were not referring to compliance programs, but they probably should have been. Everyone, it seems, calls their compliance program by slightly different name, encompassing slightly different disciplines. I’m ready to give up calling anything “anything.”

I should explain. Records Management is, of course, about saving records. Yet this term is becoming dated, as many records professionals refer to it as Records & Information Management (RIM) (We can, as I have, engage in a long discussion on whether ampersand or the word “and” should be used.) RIM programs can be slightly different than Document Retention (DM) programs, with the former focusing on records and the later on records and documents. Clear so far?

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Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond, Founder & CEO of Contoural, Inc., is a regular contributor to Inside Counsel on Litigation Readiness and Records Information Management. You can e-mail...

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