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Inside Experts: Raising the bar on personal development

Strategies for setting effective personal goals

This article is the first in a series on personal development.

In the corporate world today we are all expected to deliver quality results, but doing so isn’t always easy. Changes are quickly happening around us in the global economy, business environment, government enforcement activities and within our own companies. Attorneys not only need to be able to respond and adapt to these changes, but also lead others through them. Like everyone else, attorneys and legal functions need to continue to raise their standards of excellence, and what better time than the New Year? To begin, you should  creating your personal goals.

I have encountered individuals who don’t understand this, and have witnessed them waiting for something to happen and for time to pass in the hopes of a promotion. Tenure may be a factor in promotions today but it is more likely at law firms than in corporate legal functions. Legal departments these days typically are flat structures where opportunities may take forms other than promotions, such as the opportunity to expand one’s professional growth, supervisory responsibility or change one’s locale.  Attorneys (and everyone else) should focus on how they can be the best at the positions they are currently in, maximizing their current positions with a focus on adding value to the business. This mindset will bring the greatest success both personally and professionally.

Creating personal goals for yourself also is helpful in that it forces you to honestly assess where you are today. You may need to get feedback from others or do some self-assessment to understand your current state before you set goals for the future.  You should measure where you started and how well you did. You may be amazed by what you are able to achieve.

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Matt Allegrucci

Matt Allegrucci is deputy general counsel, legal affairs at Daiichi Sankyo Inc. He can be reached at

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