The day of the penguin

For legal departments, the new year may not be much different from the last.

A new year dawned on the corporate legal department. Returning to work after the holiday, the legal group was surprised to find a penguin sitting in the middle of their offices. No one knew where it came from—it was just there.

Soon thereafter, a partner from the company’s outside law firm arrived. After a cursory look at the penguin, he pulled the general counsel into a room and advised him that the company needed to conduct a thorough review of the implications of having a penguin on the premises. Fortunately, his firm (with offices around the world) had deep expertise in many areas, and he was fairly certain this included penguins. He would task two first-year associates from St. Louis with researching the “penguin issue,” and get back to him sometime next week.

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Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond, Founder & CEO of Contoural, Inc., is a regular contributor to Inside Counsel on Litigation Readiness and Records Information Management. You can e-mail...

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