John Ansbach, CLO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, finds reward in challenging work

Ansbach is grateful to work for something he believes in

Boy, 10, pinned between two vehicles after drunken driver slams into row of parked cars later dies in hospital. Girl, 13, struck down by drunken driver in her front yard as she comes home from school. Drunken driver traveling more than 100 miles per hour crashes into car, killing high school sweethearts. Boy,5, dies and sister, 2, suffers brain damage after their family vehicle is rear-ended by drunk driver.

These headlines, nearly unbearable to read, bring lumps to our throats and tears to our eyes. But to most of us, they are just that: very sad headlines. We shake our heads in disbelief, wish these devastating events never happened, feel genuinely sad for the families impacted by these tragedies, and then we move on with our day.

Q: How did you end up at MADD?

A: The GC for MADD was retiring and this position opened up. It was an opportunity to be a part of something I truly believed in. I have known Kimberly Earle, MADD’s CEO, for many years. She is an amazing person and someone I knew I would love working for. So I jumped at the chance to do it.  


Cathleen Flahardy

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