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Medal of Honor recipient settles employment lawsuit

Marine’s spat with supervisor allegedly cost him a job

The same day the U.S. declared an official end to the war in Iraq, a public legal battle between a decorated Marine and a major defense corporation also came to a close.

Yesterday, Dakota Meyer, the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War, settled his employment lawsuit with defense corporation BAE Systems.

Meyer, who served with the Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan, started working at BAE Systems, one of the largest defense companies in the world, in March. But he quit his job in May when the company considered selling high-tech rifle scopes to the Pakistani military.

“We are taking the best gear, the best technology on the market to date and giving it to guys known to stab us in the back,” Meyer wrote to his supervisor in an email. “These are the same people who are killing our guys. … This is very disturbing to me as an American and as a United State Marine.”

Meyer said his supervisor then retaliated against him by making defamatory statements to a Defense Department official about his mental health and sobriety. He claims those statements resulted in a competing company not hiring him after his departure from BAE. Meyer sued the company on Nov. 28.

But yesterday, Meyer dropped his lawsuit against BAE, saying in a statement that he and the company had settled their differences “amicably.” He also noted that he was gratified to learn that BAE hadn’t sold weapons to Pakistan. Although the parties didn’t disclose the terms of the settlement, the Wall Street Journal reports that a person familiar with the discussions said BAE paid Meyer much less than the Marine had originally demanded in his suit.

The settlement came just one day after McClatchy Newspapers reported that some of Meyer’s accounts of his experience in Afghanistan for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor were embellished or untrue. The White House and the Marine Corps, however, adamantly defended Meyer.

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