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E-discovery: Congress might revise e-discovery rules again

A look at the inner workings of proposed programs

On Dec. 13, Congress will hold hearings on the “Costs and Burdens of Civil Discovery.” It’s anyone’s guess which (if any) revisions to the existing e-discovery rules will be adopted. What is clear, however, is that Congress is focused on reducing e-discovery costs. One approach that Congress is considering is to inject additional expertise and know-how into the litigation process through e-discovery liaisons, e-discovery special masters and e-discovery mediators.      

The e-Discovery Liaison

The e-Mediator

The e-mediatory system is another suggestion for how the rules might change to reduce costs. Under this model, litigants:


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Steven Hunter

Steven V. Hunter, Esq. is a partner in the Chicago office of Quarles & Brady LLP where he specializes in business litigation.

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