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NPR reports dangers in instant cups of soup

Design flaw often leads to serious injury, mostly in toddlers

Ah … those instant cups of soup. Just add boiling water and let sit for a couple of minutes and you’re set. It must be the easiest meal in the world. Well, not when that quick lunch is immediately followed by a trip to the ER.

This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition reported about the dangers of these popular instant meals—and according to doctors around the country, injuries are more common than the average person might think. In fact, journalist Mara Zepeda reached out to 12 hospitals while she was reporting the story to ask how often they see injuries from instant cups of soup. Eight of the 12 said they see injuries several times a week, while others reported seeing at least one. Most of these injuries, Zepeda reported, are to young children and toddlers who accidentally knock over the cup and spill the scalding liquid onto their bodies.


Cathleen Flahardy

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