Tackling customer service challenges

How in-house lawyers can curtail the rise of customer complaints.

It’s a new age for customer service, one in which inside counsel often find themselves helping to shape their companies’ complaint resolution processes, thereby lessening the risk from today’s less-tolerant, and often harder-to-satisfy, consumers.

The worry used to be that if your business irritated one customer, he or she might tell a hundred people about the bad experience. Nowadays, thanks to social media and websites dedicated to “irate” consumers, an unhappy customer can share the details of his or her complaint with a global audience in no time. For example, many of us are familiar with the customer who produced a short video called “United Breaks Guitars” after baggage handlers smashed his prized guitar and airline customer service representatives refused tocompensate him for it. Once posted on YouTube, the video quickly caught the attention of 5.3 million viewers.

Janice Block

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