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Get your house in order with Early Data Assessment: Part I

Calculate data makeup early to create a stable foundation for the future.

If you build a house with a weak foundation, the building is sure to fall apart. The same holds true for e-discovery—if you don’t pay attention to the early stages and properly calculate from the beginning, you’re in for a world of pain down the line.

From information management to identification, preservation and collection, the left side of the industry standard Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is truly the foundation of the electronic discovery process. Corporations face this challenge in litigation on a regular basis, and if the house falls down, the finger-pointing will begin.

EDA Cost-Benefit

EDA can be very effective for saving time and money if it occurs early in the life of a matter, much like building a house right sure beats fixing a disastrous money pit afterward. By taking a proactive approach and creating a profile (i.e., a high-level snapshot) of the types of data that may be collected, less time and money is subsequently spent for the legal matter when time is of the essence and uninformed decisions are dangerous and costly.

President and Founder

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George Socha

George Socha is the president and founder of Socha Consulting LLC, an electronic discovery consulting firm.


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Alon Israely

Alon Israely is a senior advisor in BIA’s Advisory Services group and currently oversees BIA’s product development for its core technology products. He is a member...

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