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3 keys to effective records management programs

Successful implementation can be found in three simple letters—PPT.

In my previous articles, I have talked about cleaning out unnecessary electronically stored information (ESI) and developing an effective records retention program. Now, I’d like to turn to execution. A records management policy and records retention schedule are worth little more than the bits and bytes they are made up of unless you actually implement them. And the key to successful implementation can be found in three simple letters—PPT: people, process and technology.

1. People

The complete set of processes and procedures will be dependent on your business’ information environment, and is far beyond the scope of this article, but it is a critical component of success. As I’ve mentioned before, don’t let the sheer scope of the endeavor stop you from starting. Begin, if you need to, with a single information system, and move on from there.

3. Technology


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Dennis Kiker

Dennis Kiker is a partner at LeClairRyan in Richmond, Va. He works with corporations and government agencies to facilitate and improve information management and discovery response...

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