The advent of “.anything” - Part 2

Will unlimited generic top-level domains create a crisis or a boon for businesses and brand owners?

Whether the advent of .anything will create a crisis or be a panacea for businesses and brand owners remains to be seen. In theory, the rollout of unlimited generic top-level domains (gTLDs) would allow companies to explore branding or rebranding themselves in fresh, innovative ways. Businesses may be able to take better control of their brands and their digital presence, as companies could use new gTLDs, such as .ipad or .droid, to take customers directly to the particular product pages of their websites.  This could also help companies steer Internet traffic to legitimate and authorized pages as the company would control the registration of the “.anything” domain and ensure that all websites and content displayed on the websites are authorized. Another advantage of the new regime is that the inclusion of non-Latin characters in gTLDs would precipitate a huge increase in the number of Internet users around the world. Thus, the ability to reach a much larger audience could prove to be a major shift for businesses with global brands. 

However, some critics believe the new program is a disaster waiting to happen. Some are concerned that the expansion of virtually unlimited gTLDs will cause great confusion among average consumers and Internet users. The vast majority of web surfers may not currently discern the differences between the existing 22 generic extensions, let alone distinctions in the future among,, and Still others predict that the hype of the new program will outlive its actual implementation, if past rollouts of other top-level domains such as .jobs, .museum and .travel, which have largely been underutilized, are any indication.


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Farah Bhatti

Farah Bhatti is a shareholder and chair of Buchalter Nemer’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. She can be reached at 949.224.6291 or


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Annie Albertson

Annie Albertson is an attorney in the Intellectual Property Practice Group in Buchalter Nemer's Los Angeles office. She can be reached at 213.891.5102 or


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