Supreme Court likely to hear health law

DOJ didn’t ask 11th Circuit to reconsider its decisions

The Department of Justice (DOJ) did not ask the 11th Circuit to reconsider its ruling regarding the federal health care law. In its August decision, the 11th Circuit said the law’s requirement that individuals either carry health care insurance or pay a penalty was unconstitutional.

Although the DOJ had until Sept. 26 to ask the court to reconsider, it declined. A DOJ spokeswoman, Tracy Schmaler, confirmed the department did not ask the circuit to reconsider its ruling. Shmaler declined to comment further.

In the past year, the law has seen its share of challenges, with circuits splitting in their decisions. With no more appellate-court proceedings pending, the door is now open for the Supreme Court to hear the health care law in its upcoming October term.


Cathleen Flahardy

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