Samsung, Apple continue patent dispute

Rival companies filed claims over 3G licenses, tablet features

Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. continued their ongoing patent war Monday at hearings in Australia and the Netherlands.

At The Hague court, Samsung claimed Apple infringed Samsung’s 3G technology patents and did not take care of licenses when it entered the market in 2008. However, Apple said it covered licenses by using chipsets produced by Intel Corp. instead.

The legal battle began in April when Apple claimed Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet copied the iPhone and iPad. The spat has since escalated into multiple lawsuits around the globe. In Sydney, Apple also claimed Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet copied features such as its touchscreen interface as well as specific patents, including the unlock, scroll and zoom capabilities.

Of the companies, Apple has been more successful in its legal battles, as Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet has been banned in Germany, sales of Samsung smartphones will be discontinued in the Netherlands and the Galaxy Tablet launch has been postponed in Australia.

In retaliation, Samsung has filed suits against its U.S. rival in France, Japan and South Korea. As discussions continue, both companies seek to ban the other’s products around the world.

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