Morrison on Metrics: 5 kinds of averages

Is your knowledge above- or below-average when it comes to averages?

Everyone in a law department ought to understand plain-vanilla averages—and be above-average if they know four more variations.


1. Mean: The mean of a group of numbers—a data set—is its arithmetic average. Add up the lawyers in each of the 10 law firms you pay the most and divide that sum by 10, that’s the arithmetic average of their lawyers—the mean of that data set. With small numbers of observations, means give a distorted result if there is an abnormally high or low value. So, consider a trimmed mean.

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Rees Morrison

Rees Morrison, Esq. is the founder of General Counsel Metrics, LLC. Based in Princeton, NJ, Rees has for the past 25 years consulted solely to...

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