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DuPont wins $919.9 million in damages

Kolon Industries will pay for trade secret theft

Yesterday a U.S. federal jury awarded DuPont $919.9 million in damages after finding Kolon Industries Inc. guilty of stealing trade secrets. 

The jury found that Kolon, a South Korean textile company, stole confidential information concerning Kevlar, a fiber that DuPont creates that is used to make bulletproof vests, tires and fiber-optic cables.

DuPont’s complaint identified a former DuPont employee as the connection between the two companies. He left DuPont in 2006 to start his own fiber business and then began working with Kolon, where he shared information about Kevlar. DuPont filed suit in 2009.

According to Reuters, Kolon plans to appeal the ruling and is also pursuing a separate antitrust lawsuit against DuPont. 

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