EU passes extended copyright protections for musicians

European musicians awarded 20 additional years of music protection

The European Union (EU) came to a decision about the proposal to extend copyright protections for musicians.

The EU passed a law to extend protection for recorded music from 50 years to 70 years, which is similar to the protection periods afforded to artists in the U.S. It also brings them closer in line to the rights authors and composers are afforded— the duration of their life plus 70 years.

The extension could bring positive changes for global music sales, which dropped 9 percent last year due to illegal Internet downloads as well as for lesser-known artists. Additionally, the law will provide a “use it or lose it” clause that will require record companies to transfer the protections back to the original artists when they are not aiding in song’s promotion.

Despite the benefits, music analysts are hesitant over the new extensions. Some say artists’ time would be better spent combating technological advances that will increasingly disrupt the music industry.  

Read more about the changes in the Wall Street Journal.

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