New media optimizes business processes

Web technologies can benefit companies willing to adapt to change.

My morning routine is probably pretty typical of most people’s. I wake up, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with my computer for a good half-hour. I check work email as well as my personal email, and I might pop on Twitter before landing on Facebook. Facebook is where I spend the majority of my morning time online. My News Feed provides me with the information that is most important to me—updates from my favorite news sources and legal blogs, as well as the goings-on of all my friends and family. Then of course, I shower, help my husband get my son ready for school and drive to the office. Once I’m at my desk, I check in on legal news sites and blogs, and throughout the day occasionally check back in on Facebook.    

But, of course, my routine hasn’t always been like this. In fact, it slowly evolved. My reliance on the Internet to provide me with all of the information I want—news and personal— took years. And I honestly didn’t even realize it was happening. The same can be said for many of us.


Cathleen Flahardy

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