Mark Jaeger says gig as Jockey GC is a comfortable fit

Jaeger finds fulfillment in working on international trade aspects and protecting the company brand.

With the alluringly large salaries that traditionally have been tied to positions at law firms, it’s unusual for a law school student to immediately pursue an in-house career after graduation. But Mark Jaeger wasn’t a typical grad.

Prior to law school, Jaeger had studied business and economics—two subjects he greatly enjoyed—at the University of Iowa. So when his career goals took him to law school, he recognized these interests could be applied to law. And because he soon realized he preferred business-oriented work over litigation and trial work associated with law firms, he felt a legal position within a company would be ideal for him—so he immediately went in-house.

Q: Is Jockey involved in any community work or diversity initiatives?

A: Diversity at Jockey starts at the top: Our CEO is a woman, Debra Waller, and she’s a third-generation family owner. Through Debra’s initiatives, Jockey has a foundation called Jockey Being Family, which is a corporate citizenship initiative that supports adoption.   

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