Google backs app developers against Lodsys lawsuits

Tech giant enlisted help of USPTO to re-examine Lodsys’ patents

Continuing the theme of “what goes around comes around,” Google joined the battle in which Texas-based patent firm Lodsys is currently engaged with app developers.

Stepping forward in an attempt to protect Android coders from a Lodsys patent troll lawsuit, Google filed a request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week calling for the re-examination of two Lodsys patents to determine their validity.

Lodsys has been dogging 11 smartphone app developers, both for Apple’s iOS and Android platforms, for allegedly infringing two patents,  both of which it claims covers the use of in-application payments technology. The technology allows smartphone users to conduct transactions within a given application.

Additionally, in mid-June, Lodsys made headlines for its current litigation against ESET, a San Diego-based antivirus software maker that is seeking a declaration that its products do not infringe on the four patents Lodsys has cited in other complaints. ESET also is asking the court to invalidate those patents.

In letters to ESET, Lodsys claimed that ESET’s NOPD32 Antivirus 4 software violated four of Lodsys’ patents and offered to license the patents to ESET.

For more information on the potential impact of Google’s actions against Lodsys, read Wired’s coverage.

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