NLRB sees increase in complaints involving social media

Employers should be careful when crafting social media policies

For a few years now, companies have been struggling to keep up with social media. Many have scrambled to adopt social media policies that make sense for their organizations, but also are fair and effective. In the media, examples of companies firing employees over what they consider to be inappropriate behavior on social networks continue to play out.

But according to recent analysis by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), companies may need to take a closer look at whether they are breaking the law when they fire employees over social media usage. According to the NLRB survey, the board has reviewed more than 129 cases involving social media. 

While many of these cases are still pending, there are at least seven settlement agreements in social media cases and the NLRB’s general counsel has issued complaints in an additional four cases. “The General Counsel has also issued ten memoranda involving social media, eight of which are opinions from the Division of Advice,” the board said in a statement about the survey.

Read more about the NLRB’s survey regarding social media.


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