E-discovery: Cutting costs with targeted collections

Targeted collections reduce the amount of data that needs to be reviewed for production.

Getting to what’s real as soon as possible is one of the best ways to save money in e-discovery. Targeted collections let inside counsel reduce hosting charges, attorney review and production costs by identifying the most important data before collection begins. 

Real targeted collections combine talent and tools to reduce the amount of data that needs to be reviewed for production. A good targeted collection plan will:

Targeted collections offer additional savings because they can be done with outside counsel and a good internal IT resource using commonly available tools. In those instances where internal IT doesn’t have the tools or capacity to handle the collection, outside collection vendors can be hired. The costs associated with the outside collection vendor will pale in comparison to the cost to run an extremely large data set through search term filters.

Additionally, targeted collections get e-discovery to the review stage faster by eliminating the need to spend time creating, running and analyzing lengthy search term lists. Targeted collections also give inside counsel greater flexibility. Even if a party chooses to preserve entire servers, hard drives and email boxes, there’s no need to “collect” all of that data during discovery. Additional search terms can still be run after collection, but information learned by involving key data custodians before the search makes the process easier.

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