David Zimmerman is a team player as GC of the NHL

Lawyer's dedication keeps the hockey league in order.

Passion and determination are two integral aspects of the game of hockey, and they also are two traits shared by the National Hockey League’s executive vice president and general counsel, David Zimmerman. For a game played by athletes renowned for their yeoman-like work ethic, team-first values and zeal for the sport itself, it’s fitting that the league’s lead attorney brings to the office each day this same effort and enthusiasm that the players bring to the ice.

Q: What interested you in in-house as opposed to law firm work?

A: I did a lot of deal work at Proskauer—mergers and acquisitions—which I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing deal work is great because you’re involved in the deal and you can see it from start to finish, but more often than not, you’re not part of the company as it grows. I really wanted to be part of a company as it evolves and not just do a deal and then move onto the next one. I really wanted to be part of the process where you’re evaluating the deal from a business perspective, where you’re accomplishing and concluding the transaction itself, and then when you’re implementing the transaction and how the business grows both internally and externally.

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