Inside Experts: How to lose a client in one minute

A few simple words are all it takes to sour a deal.

As general counsel for an Internet company, I handle many legal issues. I often rely on outside counsel to take on certain tasks and assist me with legal questions. When interviewing outside counsel, I take into account qualifications, communication skills, quality of work and, most importantly, an understanding of my client's business. But I’m also looking for a firm that believes in the big picture, not only for my client, but for our relationship.

My company had a few (what I considered) basic legal questions, and I decided it was time to branch out from our usual firms. We consulted with a few attorneys hoping to research one specific issue and start a long-term relationship.

General Counsel

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Sarah Feingold

Sarah Feingold is general counsel of Etsy. Since 2007, she has handled the company's legal matters while providing accessible legal information to a growing community...

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