BMW union members hold rally outside Jackson Lewis’ L.A. office

Protesters accuse car maker of anti-union actions

As Boeing’s battle with the National Labor Relations Board continues, another transportation corporation is being accused of violating labor laws.

Yesterday, Teamsters and BMW employees held a protest outside Jackson Lewis’ L.A. office, accusing the labor law firm of helping BMW “destroy American jobs,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The picketers are protesting the fact that BMW is laying off 68 union employees at its Ontario plant and replacing them with cheaper contract workers hired through a third-party logistics company. BMW, which operates its three other U.S. facilities through third-party providers, claims the Ontario layoffs are not due to union or wage issues. The car manufacturer is discussing the matter with the Teamsters today.

The dispute takes on added importance as the pro-union NLRB continues to alarm companies with its newly proposed rules and various decisions in employees’ favor.

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