The Corporate Cigar Box: What you don’t keep can help you

Seven steps to start ridding your company of unnecessary data.

This story is the second part in a two-part series on record retention.

In my last article, I broke the bad news that spending enormous amounts of money to store massive amounts of data is not the best idea given that most of that data is completely unneeded. There is good news, however. Given that so much corporate data is unnecessary, remediating that data is generally a positive ROI proposition. When you check on how much money your company spends on storage (online, archival, backup tapes, paper), prepare to be surprised. The cost of eliminating a substantial portion of that unneeded information is generally a fraction of the cost of keeping it—particularly when considered over time.


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Dennis Kiker

Dennis Kiker is a partner at LeClairRyan in Richmond, Va. He works with corporations and government agencies to facilitate and improve information management and discovery response...

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